Alexx Boisjoli | Ian Phillips

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Artist Statement

Chevaux de bois

“Chevaux de bois” is a simplified visual and interactive representation of a carnival sideshow. Patrons can win porcelain sculptures by playing a midway game of chance.


Boisjoli is a visual artist and designer working in porcelain. Utlizing advanced techniques in design, production and finishing, Boisjoli develops items unique in character and functional in their simplicity. His direct focus is toward creating domestic objects that stand out in your space but feel good in the hand.

Phillips is an award-winning illustrator who has also been running a small press, Pas de chance, for over 25 years. His hand crafted books continue to be exhibited in galleries from Moscow to San Francisco and are in the possession of collectors around the globe. He is also a published author. His book “Lost” garnered a memorable interview on CNN with Jeannie Moos, and a line of toys & clothing in Japan. Phillips sits on the board of directors of The Homemade Movie Project and is a co-founder of the Holiday Arts Mail-order School. He is currently working on his first video installation project, which will be exhibited at The Tom Thomson Art Gallery in 2010. Phillips lives in Toronto with his giant Boston Terrier and best friend, Fancy.

This is their first collaboration.

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