Berkeley Poole | Jamie Webster – 205

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CUTMR-RM-205-3Artist Statement

Virtually all human sensory experiences are obtained via external input. We are constantly bombarded with external sensory information while so many of our essential internal bodily processes and infrastructures go unnoticed. Our objective is to represent the opposing forces (health and disease, restoration and decay) that exist within our internal systems by engaging the viewer in a visceral manner. As opposed to creating objects to be adored or revered, our intention is to create an environment that exposes the viewer’s inner somatic experiences.


Both artists are graduates of the York/Sheridan Joint Program in Design, as well as the Bauhaus Universität, Weimar. Previous installation artwork includes the Apolda Design Exchange and the DeLeon White Gallery.  Their aesthetic and conceptual methods are largely informed by German and Swiss schools of thought. A pervasive minimalist sensibility arises from the combination of self-imposed constraints, process driven design, and material experimentation.

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