Bruno Billio | Orest Tataryn – Room 209

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CUTMR-RM-209-2Artist Statement

Gold Line

Tataryn’s application of neon tubes of coloured lines of will integrate with Billio’s elegantly designed living spaces to give a poetic construction to their installation.
Billio has been including perfectly straight lines of lighted thread in his designs, so that the generation of bent lines of light with personal interjections of Tatayn’s work will make this an interesting evolution of the designers’ free association.

Billio is the resident artist at the Gladstone Hotel and  an installation artist, sculptor, and designer. He has gained notoriety for his inventive use of stacking objects and his ability to reinterpret the everyday through spatial and contextual re-appropriation. Billio has exhibited internationally in Milan, London, Miami, New York and LA.


As a light sculptor Tataryn is interested in transformation – how light can transform space, create optical illusions, project afterimages, and alter perception. With light there is always a second factor and that is colour, which is very important both for its emotional resonance and for it’s dissonance – it sparks my curiosity.

Apart from his own practice, he works with other artists, designers and architects to execute elements of their ideas in light and neon. Since 1989 he has run his own neon shop that became the foundation for the guerrilla art group Skunkworks/Outlaw Neon. He has been influenced by the simplicity in the design of light sculpture by such pioneers in the movement as Dan Flavin, James

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