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Lorella Di Cintio and Jonsara Ruth – Room 206

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Artist Statement:

The artists’ installation works transform the perception and experience of places. They intervene with existing spaces aiming to re-contextualize settings and historical meaning. Frequently, political and ethical viewpoints are melded within the beauty of the surface, space or object.


The artists’ installation works transform the perception and experience of places. They intervene with existing spaces aiming to re-contextualize settings and historical meaning. Frequently, political and ethical viewpoints are melded within the beauty of the surface, space or object.

Since 1997, Di Cintio and Ruth’ s collaborative work addresses notions of dormancy, anonymity of makers and interior landscapes. Their work is exhibited in museums, galleries and private collections.

Di Cintio is a full-time professor at Ryerson University, Faculty of Communication and Design, School of Interior Design. She has been educated in Canada, United States, and Europe in the fields of Interior Design, Architecture, Arts Education, Urban Planning, and Philosophy.

Ruth is the director of MFA Interior Design, School of Constructed Environments, Parsons the New School for Design and the lead designer and director of furniture design for Q Collection in New York. She holds a Masters of Architecture from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design.

Jennifer Sciarrino | Jacob Whibley | Naomi Yasui – Room 210

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This is a first time collaboration between Sciarrino, Whibley and Yasui. Each of the three comes from different backgrounds, but share similar sensibilities in their personal practices and object making.  All presently live and work in Toronto.

Sciarrino holds a BFA from Ryerson’s Image Arts program. She is an emerging artist working in sculpture, installation and photography exploring ideas in material simulation of the uncanny natural environment.

Whibley is an emerging artist/designer currently exploring the themes of interstitial spaces and redressing modernist forms through paper collage and wooden constructions. He holds a BDes in Communication Design with a minor in Illustration from the Ontario College of Art and Design and is one fifth of the fine art collective Team Macho.

Yasui graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a BDES in Material Art & Design.  As an emerging ceramicist her current work is developing within the context of porcelain’s historical origin and it’s relationship to the sciences.

Julia Hepburn – Room 204

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CUTMR-RM-204-2Artist Statement


In my room I have created a tableau in which the subject’s dreams are put on display. Viewers are invited to observe and interpret the imaginings of a figure sleeping in the centre of the room. These dreams are presented in the form of glowing scenes floating above the bed. The imagery in the piece is intended to walk the line between the light-hearted and uncomfortable, and as a result can be interpreted any number of ways according to the participants wishes. The goal of the work is to create an environment where viewers feel they have entered into a stolen moment, and they are encouraged to become voyeurs of the most intimate kind.


Hepburn was raised in Mississauga Ontario, the younger of two girls and the daughter of an Ontario College of Art and Design graduate. As such, art was a constant in her life. In 2005, she graduated from McMaster University with and Honors Degree in Fine Arts though it was two years later that she decided to pursue a career as an artist. Since then she has lived and worked in Toronto, currently creating work out of her Spadina Avenue apartment.

Though Hepburn often produces two-dimensional works, including chalk pastel and acrylic paintings, the main focus of her art has been the production of dioramas.  She has participated in a number of group exhibitions at such galleries as  Whippersnapper, The Art Gallery of Mississauga, Resistor and Prime Gallery. Her works have also earned her the Best Sculpture Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2008 and 2009.

WORK/PARTY – Room 214

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Chris Braden | Mike Dudek | Paul Kawai | Liam Johnstone | Ayla Newhouse | Emma Wright

party3Artist Statement

Sometimes you just have to get up and go, and sometimes you aren’t the only one.  This is one of those times.  The idea behind Recent Departures is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving. Departures need not be sad, for they are simply the beginning of an arrival.
“The ride does not require explanation, just occupants.”


WORK/PARTY is a loose collective, occasionally pulled together when the stars are perfectly aligned. Over the last few years they have stumbled, crawled and leapt out of art and design schools on either coast of the country. Since graduating, Johnstone has been working at Pylon, Wright at Small Design, Newhouse is continuing her involvement with the Institute Without Boundaries at George Brown, and Braden, Dudek and Kawai are working at Bruce Mau Design. They share a desire to work with companies, individuals and institutions who are interested in making things better. With a few years of work experience they feel a renewed energy to explore and produce with the enthusiasm and naivety of amateurs. Though they have long been fans of Come Up To My Room this will be their first time as participants.

Jennifer Davis | Jamie Phelan – Room 212

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Artist Statement


Inside Ballroom, a small found object is collected, amassed and repurposed to reconfigure the hotel room and achieve a large-scale spatial transformation.  The visitor experience oscillates between the confrontation with solid mass and the occupation of empty space that is enveloped by, contained inside, left over from and altered by, a solid.  Ballroom is a place of contrast, where perception and experience flip from the familiar to the unexpected.


Davis and Phelan first crossed paths in New York City while designing hospitality projects. A shared passion for creating spaces of spectacle and interaction, combined with their studies of architecture and interior design, result in designs that transport the audience into unique, memorable places.

Davis is currently working towards her Master of Architecture at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape & Design at the University of Toronto. She has studied in Rome and has worked with design and architecture firms in New York, Toronto and Madrid. Her current interest is the potential crossovers between art, dance, and architecture.

Phelan graduated from the Interior Design program at Parsons School of Design, after which she worked on hospitality design projects throughout the United States. She is currently working in New York as a trend forecaster as well as pursuing residential design projects both in New York and Toronto.

Maggie Greyson | Christine Lieu | Phoebe Lo – Room 202

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CUTMR-RM-202-3Artist Statement

Undertaking Acquisition – Chronicles of Our Time

We have brought the Archival Library of Found Treasures to the Gladstone Hotel and invite you to participate in the lost and found of priceless objects. Welcome to a dazzling array of unique items, paragons of the Toronto region. Bring your micro frippery, gimcrack cutting, divorced doodads, fandangle filaments and the odds of your analog widgets. Exchange it for a virtuously reputable fare! Come see a collection like no other. There is something for everyone, and everyone can walk away with something.

Step into the world of imagination…welcome.


With backgrounds in theatre, industrial design and sculpture, Greyson, Lieu, and Lo have come together to create room 202. Influenced by natural cycles, a fascination with collections, and an all around interest in cultivating stories of existing humanity, the trio have put their magical touch on a room that will take you to another world ‐ a place like no other ‐ where stories unfold and new experiences are shared. In order to continue this trail of treasures lost and now found, will you partake in the foreign exchange with them?





Lisa Keophila | Fiona Lim Tung | Kristen Lim Tung | Jon Margono – Room 211

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Artist Statement

CUTMR-RM-211-2This quartet’s room treads the fine line between fact and fiction, science and art, confusion and creativity, and breakthroughs and breakdowns. Through cross-disciplinary techniques, the work is simultaneously technical and accurate, naive and romantic, and speaks to a renewed wonder in the world and the things that surround us, what we with to surround us.

Keophila, F. Lim Tung, K. Lim Tung, and Margono were brought together by a mutual admiration for each other’s work.


This quartet’s room treads the fine line between fact and fiction, science and art, confusion and creativity, and breakthroughs and breakdowns. Through cross-disciplinary techniques, the work is simultaneously technical and accurate, naive and romantic, and speaks to a renewed wonder in the world and the things that surround us, what we with to surround us.

Keophila’s current practice includes embroidery, cutwork, illustration and papercutting. Her themes vary from relationships, communication, identity and Canadiana but always centre around control, repetition and creative manipulation.

F. Lim Tung received a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto. She teaches architecture, and has received several awards for her work which deals largely with contemporary considerations of traditional types, small spaces, and craft techniques.

K. Lim Tung’s work has been widely exhibited and published, and is sold internationally. Her work focuses on the play between the familiar and the whimsical and expresses a nostalgic connection to material culture.

Margono received his graphic design degree in 2007. He currently works as a freelance graphic designer, with recent clients including Underline Studio and his Mom’s church friends. He is a practicing bureaucrat by day and illustrator by night.

Berkeley Poole | Jamie Webster – 205

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CUTMR-RM-205-3Artist Statement

Virtually all human sensory experiences are obtained via external input. We are constantly bombarded with external sensory information while so many of our essential internal bodily processes and infrastructures go unnoticed. Our objective is to represent the opposing forces (health and disease, restoration and decay) that exist within our internal systems by engaging the viewer in a visceral manner. As opposed to creating objects to be adored or revered, our intention is to create an environment that exposes the viewer’s inner somatic experiences.


Both artists are graduates of the York/Sheridan Joint Program in Design, as well as the Bauhaus Universität, Weimar. Previous installation artwork includes the Apolda Design Exchange and the DeLeon White Gallery.  Their aesthetic and conceptual methods are largely informed by German and Swiss schools of thought. A pervasive minimalist sensibility arises from the combination of self-imposed constraints, process driven design, and material experimentation.

Presented by Alchemy

Richard Unterthiner | Paolo Ferrari – Room 207

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CUTMR-RM-207-3Artist Statement

As a tableau vivant that re-enacts a past time and experience when the bed chamber functioned as site of display, as audience chamber, as symbol of power – both political and sexual – as theatre and as realm of slumbering possibility, Bed Memory aims to construct a kind of spatial choreography through which one or more visitors engage with the bed.  Becoming part of a proscribed narrative, but conditioned by the accidents of individual participation, participants experience a heightened perceptual awareness and engage in a phenomenological encounter that both creates and evokes memory. Ultimately, the bedroom becomes a space of accumulated recollections, performances of past and present, familiar and foreign, individual and collective, prosaic and profound.


As a tableau vivant that re-enacts a past time and experience when the bed chamber functioned as site of display, as audience chamber, as symbol of power – both political and sexual – as theatre and as realm of slumbering possibility, Bed Memory aims to construct a kind of spatial choreography through which one or more visitors engage with the bed.  Becoming part of a proscribed narrative, but conditioned by the accidents of individual participation, participants experience a heightened perceptual awareness and engage in a phenomenological encounter that both creates and evokes memory. Ultimately, the bedroom becomes a space of accumulated recollections, performances of past and present, familiar and foreign, individual and collective, prosaic and profound.

Unterthiner is a recent graduate of the John H. Daniels school of Architecture at the University of Toronto where he completed a master’s thesis on Cinematic Architecture, and earned the RAIC Medal as well as the AIA Henry Adams Medal. His passion for film and art practice is something he cultivated while at the Ontario College of Art and Design, and has greatly informed his academic architectural career. It is the intersection of cinema, art and design that Unterthiner aims to continue to develop in his professional practice.

A graduate and medal winner from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Ferrari’s current focus as a professional designer is new concept commercial projects within an interior, graphic and architectural context. As a designer for II BY IV, he has lead numerous award winning projects ranging from retail design, restaurant and hospitality design as well as, multi-dwelling residential design. Ferrari’s current obsession has been retail design and its relevance within contemporary society. In addition to his professional design work, he is an instructor at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Noelle Hamlyn -Room 208

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Artist StatementCUTMR-RM-208-2

A room remembers.

Inhaling light and sound and thought … Its inhabitants are forever … Absorbed … By soft silent lungs

The room holds … Breath … Keeps secrets

In silence … In the shadow of a turned back … The room exhales … Murmuring its contents … As breathing … Points in time

A room remembers.

Hamlyn metaphorically opens the room – coaxing it to reveal its organic structure by draping it in hand embroidered Gampi tissue paper, reminiscent of layers of dissected lungs. As if remembering every interaction, every conversation, the room is revealed to be many layers of tissue, each a breathing point in time.


Hamlyn is intrigued by the possibilities of textiles – of textures and fibres to evoke emotion. Believing our sense of touch is one of the most powerful and profound vehicles of human experience, she is drawn to materials with strong tactile qualities and uses these as metaphors to explore experience.

Hamlyn is a graduate of Sheridan Institute’s Crafts and Design Program (Textiles), and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her studio work has earned numerous awards and been shown across Canada and throughout Chicago. Most recently, her work was selected for inclusion in the International Craft Biennale in Cheongju, South Korea, the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad, and a North American touring exhibition curated by the Canadian Craft Federation. Hamlyn is a member of the Ontario Crafts Council and the Toronto based Contemporary Textile Coop.

Bruno Billio | Orest Tataryn – Room 209

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CUTMR-RM-209-2Artist Statement

Gold Line

Tataryn’s application of neon tubes of coloured lines of will integrate with Billio’s elegantly designed living spaces to give a poetic construction to their installation.
Billio has been including perfectly straight lines of lighted thread in his designs, so that the generation of bent lines of light with personal interjections of Tatayn’s work will make this an interesting evolution of the designers’ free association.

Billio is the resident artist at the Gladstone Hotel and  an installation artist, sculptor, and designer. He has gained notoriety for his inventive use of stacking objects and his ability to reinterpret the everyday through spatial and contextual re-appropriation. Billio has exhibited internationally in Milan, London, Miami, New York and LA.


As a light sculptor Tataryn is interested in transformation – how light can transform space, create optical illusions, project afterimages, and alter perception. With light there is always a second factor and that is colour, which is very important both for its emotional resonance and for it’s dissonance – it sparks my curiosity.

Apart from his own practice, he works with other artists, designers and architects to execute elements of their ideas in light and neon. Since 1989 he has run his own neon shop that became the foundation for the guerrilla art group Skunkworks/Outlaw Neon. He has been influenced by the simplicity in the design of light sculpture by such pioneers in the movement as Dan Flavin, James

Propellor Design

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Toby Barratt | Pamela Goddard | Nik Rust


Artist Statement


Inspired by mushrooms growing on a walnut log found in the Okanagan, and intrigued by their resilience and tenacity, Propellor Design began to investigate how mushrooms grow and propagate. Drawing from the idea of multi-directional information transmission within nature, “mycologic” is a modular sculpture that brings nature inside.


Propellor Design is committed to creating useful, beautiful and sustainable objects and experiences. Designers Barratt, Goddard and Rust became friends and creative allies while studying sculpture at Vancouver’s Emily Carr University and have since formed Propellor, a multi-disciplinary studio specializing in custom lighting, furniture and exhibition design. A love of, and concern for the natural world is at the core of Propellor’s design practice, and is reflected in the forms, materials and processes used in their work. Experimenting with new materials, prototyping new ideas and striving for a balance between aesthetics, function and sustainability gives Propellor a reason to get to work on time.

Science & Sons

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Tristan Zimmermann

CUTMR-PS-Science-and-SonsArtist Statement


The inherent angles and motion of clock hands is exploited via Euclidean geometry to produce isometric projections, illusions of a third dimension and of course, an accurate account of the passage of  time.


If Canadian designer Zimmermann lived ages ago, he would have invented something ground-breaking. But by 2005, modesty, the internet and penicillin had already been invented, so Zimmermann founded Science and Sons. In many ways, Science and Sons is better than modesty but not quite as necessary as penicillin.

The work of Science and Sons aims to indulge the overlooked, and elegantly subvert the status quo. Works are produced through various arrangements; as limited editions, under license by 3rd party brands, and by private commission.

Whether expressed through art, design or the misshapen offspring born of their coupling, the company’s mission is simple; “To put a song in your heart, and a harmless little hole in your wallet.”

Tamara Rushlow Design Inc.

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CUTMR-PS-RushloweArtist Statement

Puzzle Lamp

The Puzzle Lamp is a symmetrical floor lamp that incorporates a series of colourful metal pieces in a fan-like configuration.  Using more or less pieces, various sizes and colours, this lamp minimizes material waste and maximizes its customizability.


Industrial Designer Rushlow enjoys developing her work through technical and geometric investigations that are reflected in the final form and aesthetic.  Her designs are often bold at first sight yet intricate upon closer study and often based on harmonious relationships between multiples, whether their interaction is seemingly random or intricately ordered through patterns or repetitions.  She divides her time between designing objects, as well as interiors and film and video through her production design company Pink Calculator.

Rushlow holds a Masters in Industrial Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, a Bachelor of Fine Arts History from the University of British Columbia, and studied furniture design at Sheridan College in Toronto.  She has exhibited at IDEX ‘09, Radiant Dark ‘08-’09, 100% Design ‘08, Salone Del Mobile ‘06 and is based in Toronto.


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Carla Gusek | Wilson Loh


Artist Statement

Heartbreakers aims to provoke conversation with their visual representation of the dynamics of conversation and interaction with touch activated light and wood stools.


Gusek was born and grew up in St. Albert, Alberta. Loh was born in a small town in Brunei but has called Edmonton home for the past 16 years. They met while they were attending the University of Alberta in the Industrial Design program. Through class projects and exhibiting together in a local show they realized that they had different, yet complimentary ideas and similar work habits.

As individual designers, they both have very different and distinct styles. Gusek has a tendency for textures, organic forms, and complicated philosophies (some times overly complicated). Loh tends to strip everything down to its essence and is very heavily influenced by minimalism, clean lines (some times overly simple). The interplay of these two styles is what now defines Heartbreakers design Studio. Their first furniture line called Lover expresses love, heartbreak, minimalism and conceptual ideas in a clear communicative way.

Christina Ott | Marion Lanktree

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CUTMR-PS-Lanktree-Ott-3Artist Statement

“Our piece is intended to create an enchanted environment, which promotes curiosity, interaction and ultimately participation. We hope the installation will evolve over the course of the show through participation.”


Ott studied Interior Design at Ryerson University. She participated in collective for CUTMR 2009 on the stairwell public space installation, which featured more than 4000 found keys. This installation was revised and remounted as part of the exhibit Upcycling; a group show featured at the Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles. She also interned for three summers at Peter Marino Architects in NYC during her studies, and currently works at Moss and Lam, a custom art studio in Toronto.

Lanktree graduated from the Material Art and Design program at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. She created a Wallflower piece now produced by Umbra. Her goal as a designer is to enchant and inspire through her use of aesthetics and materials in everyday objects. Currently, she is pursuing her MDes in Product Design at Carleton University, where she is further exploring the important role aesthetics play in our everyday environments.

Filiz Klassen | Dan Browne

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IMG_8613Artist Statement:

Comprised of multiple pre-recorded video loops with a thermal camera, ‘War(n/m)ing’ will suspend the participant’s gaze on the energy exchange between the Gladstone Hotel and the atmosphere around it.


Klassen, an artist/researcher and Associate Professor at Ryerson University and Browne, a Toronto-based filmmaker and artist, merge their artistic practices that involve video and architectural installations to raise awareness of critical issues around climate change and architecture.

Klassen’s body of work merges conceptual architectural ideas, videography and installations within built environments. Her upcoming solo exhibition entitled Snow, Rain, Light, Wind: Weathering Architecture will take place at Cambridge Galleries, Design at Riverside from November 18, 2009 to January 3, 2010.  In 2008, she created and directed ‘Weathering Architecture’, Harbourfront Centre: Hatch, Emerging Performance Projects.

Browne is a filmmaker, composer, photographer and videographer who holds a B.F.A (Hon.) in Film Studies from Ryerson University. His work has been screened within traditional cinematic contexts in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. He collaborates on performances, including Weathering Architecture (Harbourfront Centre, 2008), and Reaching For Nothing (The Perimeter Institute, 2008), as well as curating film and multidisciplinary events with The Loop Collective.

Funded by Ontario Arts Council, Interactive Arts Grant, 2009


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Artist Statement


“Weave” asks the public take part in creating a communal fabric, begun by Sketch, and made up of textiles found and created in the Sketch open studio. “Weave” springs from the idea that people’s individual ideas and contributions can work together to create something whole, beautiful and strong.



Sketch is a multi-media art studio space for street involved and homeless youth aged 16 to 29.  They share space with homeless youth for self-expression through art.  They offer a safe and supportive space for these youth who seek alternatives to traditional forms of education, therapy and skill building. They recognize the power of expression through the arts and welcome their youth to determine their own individual pace and interpretation within it. They celebrate the creativity, resilience and diversity of their youth and see them as key contributors to culture and society.

Sketch has exhibited at a variety of festivals, gallery spaces, youth events, vending sites and art auctions.  Some of their artists have their work in various stores throughout Toronto.  They are recognized as a space that generates diverse ideas and transforms them into unique creations.

Click here to join the Sketch Facebook Group and hear about upcoming Sketch Events!


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Stephen Lindsay


Toronto based urbanproduct is a multi-discipline studio whose main focus is Product and Industrial Design. Launched in 2009 by Scottish born Lindsay, UP continues to grow, moving toward larger scale projects and interiors beginning with the introduction of  ?Dune? wall treatment at IDS 2009.  Functionality, affordability and an ecological awareness lead designs from initial concept toward a high quality outcome with a very unique and elegant visual dialogue.

Every effort is made to use local manufacturers and suppliers who operate their business with the environment in mind. UP strives to supply high quality, durable and eco-conscious design without compromise. Recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials and objects maintain the charm, beauty and integrity of past designs, but are complimented by handcrafted sleek additions to give new purpose for the spaces we eat sleep and live in. Bamboo, domestic hardwoods, concrete, industrial felt, rubbers and plastics combine to striking effect in objects such as furniture, interiors and lighting.

Margaret Pryde

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CUTMR-PS-PrydeArtist  Statement

So a Guy Walks Into A Bar…

The bar assumes awesome responsibility. As the night wears on, it stands, sturdy and sober, ready to please. Offering to support the weight of an elbow, conveniently providing a perch for a foot. But what if it had enough? Maybe it has absorbed a little too much alcohol from the spilled drinks and finally buckled under the weight of that elbow…


Pryde is a furniture maker and sculptural artist and a graduate of Sheridan College’s furniture design program in 2000. She presently works as a cabinetmaker and functional artist in Stratford, Ontario. Inspired by vacant factories and footworn staircases, she sometimes finds herself nostalgic for an era she did not live in. It is in this spirit she often works breathing new life into reclaimed building materials and changing their purpose from industrial to conceptual. When she was young (and gullible), Pryde worked as a tree planter in Northern Ontario, Alberta and Australia, gaining insight into the other side of the logging industry. Although, she is still not sure she can see the forest for the trees?

Edward Lin | Kira Varvanina

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CUTMR-PS-Lin-VarvaninaArtist Statement

A Piece of the Pie

“A Piece of the Pie” explores the participation of the physical body in the one-way relationship of visual communication.  By interrupting the peripheral vision of the observer, it requires movement in order to attain the entire image. Forming a wall of visual interruptions the installation aims to disorient and intrigue the viewer.


Lin and Varvanina both received their architectural backgrounds at Carleton University and are currently working in Toronto. In the past, they have particiated in various public exhibits, individually and as a collective. Today, they collaboarate in competitions and exhibitions internationally and locally. They are interested in interative art and installations and are frequient participants in a number of Toronto art events.

Michelle O’Byrne

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CUTMR-PS-OByrneO’Byrne was born in Dublin, Ireland. She is a photo-based artist interested in the mundane and the kitsch. Having lived abroad for the majority of her life, she now resides in Toronto, where North American popular culture gives her much of the inspiration for her work. She is currently completing her studies in Photography at Ryerson University.

The Agostinis and Harrison-Off Design Institute (A.H.D.I.)

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CUTMR-PS-AHDIMatthew Agostinis | Joel Harrison-Off

The A.H.D.I. studied at the prestigious Sheridan College school of Crafts and Design in the furniture program and graduated in 2001.  They went on to pursue careers as furniture makers and proceeded to burn down their first shop.  After the fire, they set up in the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga which provided the heavy security required to protect both themselves and others from their work.  AHDI has been involved in many shows ranging from the Interior Design Show in Toronto to shows by the Ontario Crafts Council.  Currently AHDI specializes in the fabrication and design of custom furniture, architectural detailing and space shuttles.

Alexx Boisjoli | Ian Phillips

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Artist Statement

Chevaux de bois

“Chevaux de bois” is a simplified visual and interactive representation of a carnival sideshow. Patrons can win porcelain sculptures by playing a midway game of chance.


Boisjoli is a visual artist and designer working in porcelain. Utlizing advanced techniques in design, production and finishing, Boisjoli develops items unique in character and functional in their simplicity. His direct focus is toward creating domestic objects that stand out in your space but feel good in the hand.

Phillips is an award-winning illustrator who has also been running a small press, Pas de chance, for over 25 years. His hand crafted books continue to be exhibited in galleries from Moscow to San Francisco and are in the possession of collectors around the globe. He is also a published author. His book “Lost” garnered a memorable interview on CNN with Jeannie Moos, and a line of toys & clothing in Japan. Phillips sits on the board of directors of The Homemade Movie Project and is a co-founder of the Holiday Arts Mail-order School. He is currently working on his first video installation project, which will be exhibited at The Tom Thomson Art Gallery in 2010. Phillips lives in Toronto with his giant Boston Terrier and best friend, Fancy.

This is their first collaboration.


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Erin O’Hara | Andy Miller

CUTMR-PS-Miller-OHaraArtist Statement

Safe and Warm

A plane crashes, creatures catapult from the blast and parachute to the safety of warm sweater hills.   While the work first appears to be a tragedy in the moment, it is the small characters, thrown from the center of the disaster, that reveal the chance for a new beginning and offer hope from within the chaos.


Fireweed was born of a shared fondness for giving old objects and reclaimed materials a new purpose by using them to create contemporary art and design. It is a small collective with ambitious ideas, made up of two members: O’Hara and Miller. This exhibition will be their first collaboration in which they work with an equally shared vision under the Fireweed name.

O’Hara and Miller first joined forces in 2003 when they combined their talents of art and design to create a number of pieces for the Playing Doctor and Monster Show exhibitions.

The Fireweed ideology focuses on the creation of aesthetically pleasing pieces that redefine perfection by presenting the world as it is: the reality. Their hope is to find beauty in the seemingly awed or in the glimmers of hope that arise following a disaster. We consider this practice to be honest because it reects the world as it is.

Soon Cho

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CUTMR-PS-ChoArtist Statement

Cho’s goal is to create good design with everyday materials. She will play with plastic gimp and light to create a surface that will texture the walls to make them come alive with shadows.


Soon Cho is a textile artist trained in Rhode Island School of Design, and based in Toronto. She sees many products and materials that people use everyday (drinking straws, plastic forks, disposable cups, all the things that could be easily thrown away without a longer lifespan) as a new material that could be transformed for a new life, and given value though the artist’s hand.

This year, Cho has been working with drinking straws and plastic gimp to create lamps. While playing with the materials, she finds them imbued with endless possibilities in form and design. She hand knits the plastic gimp and melts it in different way for a variety of designs, using the large surfaces to cover floor lamps, and for wall decorations and hangings.

Cho participated in the 2009 Interior Design Show, and will also be showing at Radiant Dark 2010.

Participants – Chair Projects – University of Waterloo

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The project requires the design, construction and structural analysis of a folding or take-apart wood chair.  Course assignments guide the project through the steps of research, conceptualization, design development, construction, review and presentation, comprehensive structural analysis of the chair in its different positions, and complete documentation of the process in a booklet.  Students are encouraged to select a client who inspires them, and to approach the design with attention to the Vitruvian goals of firmness, commodity and delight –emphasis on delight!

Sit|Share|Relax, Chair for Guy Laliberte

Mike Love & Brian Muthaliff


Concrete Milking Stool

Makers: Adam Schwartzentruber & Sayjel Patel

Photo credit: Adam Lee Schwartzentruber

Minimal Chair (for William Carlos Williams)

Dan McTavish & Patrick Burke

For projects by Dan McTavish, see

Chair 25