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CUTMR 2012 Preview: Interstice Studio

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Interstice Studio is Victoria Beltrano, Fiona Lim-Tung, and Kristen Lim-Tung.

Fiona and Kristen are returning CUTMRers; in 2010, together with Lisa Keophila and Jonathan Margono, they created a bedroom installation featuring a canopy of paper flowers.

The sisters continued their work with paper for a photographic collaboration based on the concept of a menagerie.  Here’s their representation of the lobster:

Kristen also creates solo works in porcelain, like these geodesic vessels, and below, a brooch with a tiny hand-painted airplane:

Joining them in 2012 to complete the trio of Interstice Studio is Victoria Beltrano.  Victoria has turned a vacant commercial building into an urban snow globe, a projection-based installation completed as a part of an event call Unsilent Night:

Victoria also collaborated on a series of urban furniture installations, designed specifically for five sites around Sudbury with the intention of tapping the unused potential of the sites.  From Public Potentials / Localized Infrastructures, this chess table and chairs invites people to sit and play:

In 2012, Interstice Studio will be exploring new territory, applying their unique approach to creating detail to new materials.  Stay tuned!

CUTMR 2012 Preview: Janna Watson and Katrina Tompkins for Tinsel & Sawdust

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Process shot of Set Table with the curly cutlery cut outs and the solid maple top

Sitting pretty in the alley waiting to get delivered; Set Table with solid walnut pedestal base

Project: Katrina Tompkins, Set Table, May 2011
Statement: The client wanted an eating table where his three daughters would always feel welcomed and appreciated.

Birdie bling

Project: Janna Watson, Birdie bling
Statement: This work is complete, but also the beginning of a a new process with spray painting.  The thing about paint is you can never hold it until it is a painting, but at that point you can only behold it.

#1 graffiti project

Project: Janna Watson, #1 graffiti project
Statement: Creating heaven for the garbage cans


CUTMR 2012 Preview: DarkLab

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DarkLab is Deane Hughes and Christine Beaumont.

DarkLab is currently working on an interactive art installation for the upcoming Nuit Blanche.

As visitors enter the installation, their movements are transformed using echolocation technology into a blend of light, video and 3D audio that constantly re-generates, morphs and immerses the participants. Combining computer vision software, generative sound, and graphic theory to create an evolving multi-media composition, “The Sound is Watching You” allows participants to become instruments of light and sound – moving, dancing, and gliding through a space that they have helped to create.

You can see more here.

That’s not the only contribution DarkLab’s members are making to Nuit Blanche 2011: Chris and Deane were part of a 20-member team of fabricators, technologists and visionaries that help build and install The Heart Machine, a  massive fire-art installation for last year’s Burning Man in the Nevada Desert.  Spanning over 60 feet across, the project was a huge success that combined electronics, flame and sculpture to allow a unique level of audience interaction and participation with a piece of this size.   The Heart Machine is currently being “upgraded” and will be making another appearance at this year’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

You can see more of the Burning Man appearance here.

When making music, Deane also goes by Akumu, the name under which he recently released Between Worlds, a video and multi-source DVD/CD, complete with a 60-minute abstract surround-sound score and experimental video series.   This work delves into that suspended moment at the end of one’s existence. At times calming and at times unsettling, it explores the languid balance within the fraction of dying and living to produce a score that is peaceful, hypnotic and ever so slightly… unnerving.

You can explore more here, including videos and teasers.

Chris, meanwhile, is a sculptor working in metal and other materials. Some of her recent work incorporates large rocks which are wrapped with metal in a way that expresses the strength and persistence of a living thing when it is allowed to grow gradually and naturally.

Stay tuned for more previews!

CUTMR 2012 Preview: Gareth Bate

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Gareth Bate, Installation for "Corps Intérieur" (Inner Body), Montreal

The installation for Corps Intérieur (Inner Body) was collaboration with David Pressault, a Montreal choreographer. The experimental contemporary dance was performed at the Monument National theatre in Montreal in Jan 09 and then remounted in Dec. 09. The immersive 200-foot multi-level environment allowed the audience to wander freely in a glowing underworld reminiscent of an ancient cave or pulsing inner body.

Gareth Bate, Plastic Paintings Self-Portrait Installation, High Park, Toronto

This piece came about during a time when Gareth couldn’t think of what to do next. So he just started painting self-portraits on pieces of torn up plastic tarp. Over several weeks they started to accumulate into a full wall work. Later he took them outside and photographed them hanging in trees and stuck in the snow in Toronto’s High Park. For Gareth they are about  trying to find a relationship with nature while living in the city.

Gareth Bate, Digital Rendering of the Fleshed Out installation at Gareth Bate Art Projects, 401 Richmond St. West, Toronto

Gareth Bate is planning an installation for Fleshed Out a collaboration with Montreal choreographer David Pressault and Toronto dancer Shannon Litzenberger. At its core, Fleshed Out explores the relationship between technology and the body, and how this relationship is quickly evolving. The installation will be an immersive experience like being inside a giant computer circuit board made entirely of found objects and obsolete computer parts.


CUTMR 2012 Preview: Carolyn Fearman & Robin Porter

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Piazza Installation; Rome, Italy

Carolyn is currently completing her Masters of Architecture at the University of Waterloo. Her academic work focuses on stimulating the re-growth of Buffalo through its urban artifacts. She has worked in both Toronto and New York, most recently for Toronto’s Paul Raff Studio. Professionally her experience ranges in scale from urban master planning to millwork and furniture design.

Robin currently works as a copywriter at Toronto based advertising agency, MacLaren Momentum. Aside from the web content and radio and television commercials she writes for work, Robin has also produced short stories and other writing projects, as well as visual art projects focusing on the use of collage.

Dining Pavilion; Ontario, Canada

Collage Piece

Together, we developed AreWeDating?, a twitter account with a satirical look at the world of dating and has an ever increasing number of followers.

CUTMR 2012 Preview: Matthew Davis and Aurelia Adams

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The participants for the 9th annual show — taking place this January 27 to 29th (mark your calendars now!) — have been selected!  Over the coming months, we’ll be introducing (or re-introducing) you to the brave exhibitors you can expect to see.

The distinction of being first belongs to Matthew Davis and Aurelia Adams, both architecture students at the University of Waterloo.  Adams has explored her interest in interactive spacial interaction interning with Parkin Architects (Toronto), Aquitectonica (Miami), and del Río Núñez (Santiago).  Davis followed his interests in architecture, identity and brand development to internships with KPF (New York), Aquitectonica (Paris), and Coop Himmelb(l)au (Vienna).

In the images below, you can see their poster, It’s Been Fun, made from images collected during their travels; their complete brand identity for FTAN, a solar energy startup; and Distorting the Big Box, a concept for a hybrid form of big box architecture that integrates agriculture and residential space.

You can see more of Davis’s work here.