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The CUTMR Curatorial Collective Announces the 2010 Show Participants

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participants chosen

We had our work cut out for us this year as we received a record-breaking number of applications for Come Up To My Room 2010 (running January 21st to 24th). We are extremely excited to welcome the following participants to the show. Stayed tuned for artist and designer profiles!

CUTMR Curatorial Collective

Room Installations:

Orest Tataryn & Bruno Billio
Lorella Di Cintio & Jonsara Ruth
Noelle Hamlyn
Richard Unterthiner & Paolo Ferrari
Naomi Yasui, Jacob Whibley & Jennifer Sciarrino
Julia Hepburn
Jennifer Davis & Jamie Phelan
Lisa Keophila, Fiona Lim-Tung, Kristen Lim-Tung & Jonathan Margono
Mike Dudek, Liam Johnstone, Ayla Newhouse, Chris Braden, Paul Kawai & Emma Wright
Jamie Webster & Berkeley Poole

Public Space Exhibitions:

MADE presents Propellor
MADE presents Tamara Rushlow
Soon Cho
Elizabeth C. English, PhD presents University of Waterloo Chair Projects
Wilson Loh & Carla Gusek
Erin O’Hara & Andy Miller
Marion Lanktree & Christina Ott
Tristan Zimmerman
Filiz Klassen and Dan Browne
Sketch- Toronto Arts Studio for Street Youth
Edward Lin & Kira Varvanina
Agonstini and Harisson-Off
Margaret Pryde
Michelle O’Byrne
Ian Phillips &  Alexx Boisjoli
Stephen Lindsay

participants chosen3

VIDEO – It Was Great for Me, How Was it for You?


This is a little video I shot and threw together showing the setup and final products of this year’s show!  Show participants, audience and readers, please feel free to comment:  How was this year’s show for you?

For me the show was magical! I have to say it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Getting to work with so many creative people and then really getting to know them over the long hours of the show was really fun.  I actually had a hard time saying goodbye to everyone. The biggest measure of the show’s success is the experiences of the participants!  I will miss you all!

Come Up To My Room 2009 at the Gladstone Hotel from Jeremy Vandermeij on Vimeo.
Music: Heartbeats, by The Knife