Common Misconceptions of Minimalism, from ‘Coffee with an Architect’

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It’s Friday and I don’t feel like inundating our readers with another “What we’re reading” post, although I really enjoyed reading that Matta-Clark book and felt its relevance to the work being done at CUTMR (click here and here for reference). Instead, I will leave you with a little chuckle by re-posting from Jody Brown’s site: Coffee with an Architect.

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SANAA model, white


“Minimalism will not require removal of all of your possessions: They will simply be made to feel inadequate and trite and eventually they will move on.

Minimalism will not be cold and aloof: However, It may be aloof, and then cold.

Minimalism will not match the furniture you currently own: No, in fact the presence of your furniture may make Minimalism feel uncomfortable.  Your furniture should leave Minimalism alone.

Minimalism will simplify your life: No, but it will make most of your life harder to access by placing it in multiple boxes carefully labeled and stacked in an unseen corner of the attic.

Minimalism will not like your dogs, nor will they like Minimalism: Cats will be fine.

Minimalism will begin as a striking burst of clarity: This will pass, eventually, you may notice a dull humming drone. This will not pass.

Minimalism is white: No, make that Arctic white or maybe Nordic Blanc.

Minimalism will require you to dress better: Seriously, look at yourself.

Minimalism will not be understood by your Mother: But, this may come in handy.

Minimalism will not cause divorce: unless your partner is just wrong.

Minimalism will not make spaces seem larger: Spaces will seem more expansive. That’s not the same thing.

Minimalism will not cost a lot of money: It will enable you to free yourself of most our your monetary responsibilities.

Minimalism will allow you to shower in private: No, that’s not going to happen. There will be a lot of glass, and multiple windows to the outside, and you will be on axis with something. So, just take your shower quickly and get out of there.

Minimalism will be appreciated by your neighbors. No, your neighbors will think you’re an ass who likes to shower in the open.

Minimalism will like your kids: Not really, they’re sticky. Keep them away from the chaise lounge.

Minimalism will cause OCD: No, but it may provide a fertile environment in which it can prosper.

Minimalism will somehow make your life more, I don’t know… centered? No, it won’t and it doesn’t sound like you deserve Minimalism. You might consider Arts and Crafts.

Minimalism will be simple: Yes, like gravity.

Minimalism will require the complete abandonment of all your individual personality, all that separates you from the pack, and defines who you are: Yes, but it will be better this way

Minimalism wants to kill you in your sleep: …., Maybe”


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