CUTMR 2011 — Room 202

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If you missed CUTMR 2011, we will be posting the installation photos of all the final room and public space installations. Check out these images of Room 202, a room-within-a-room, by Jana Macalik, John Peterson and Diana Watters.

Both Jana and John were trained in architecture, and Diana in interior design, as evidenced in the architectonic quality of their one-way mirror-esque installation. Walking around the room-within-a-room, visitors could see into it, but not through to the other side. The narrow circulation path enhanced the unfolding nature of the viewer’s experience, while the richness of the ‘staged’ space captivated. There was an eerie feeling that whomever occupied the space “just left,” and that as a viewer, you were somehow sneaking around and would be caught in the act of either deliberate spectatorship or naive curiosity.

[Click on each image for an enlarged view.]

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