CUTMR 2012 Preview: Carolyn Fearman & Robin Porter

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Piazza Installation; Rome, Italy

Carolyn is currently completing her Masters of Architecture at the University of Waterloo. Her academic work focuses on stimulating the re-growth of Buffalo through its urban artifacts. She has worked in both Toronto and New York, most recently for Toronto’s Paul Raff Studio. Professionally her experience ranges in scale from urban master planning to millwork and furniture design.

Robin currently works as a copywriter at Toronto based advertising agency, MacLaren Momentum. Aside from the web content and radio and television commercials she writes for work, Robin has also produced short stories and other writing projects, as well as visual art projects focusing on the use of collage.

Dining Pavilion; Ontario, Canada

Collage Piece

Together, we developed AreWeDating?, a twitter account with a satirical look at the world of dating and has an ever increasing number of followers.

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