CUTMR 2012 Preview: Fugitive Glue

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Fugitive Glue is led by Jano Badovinac and Ryan Wilding, a design solutions agency with a diverse team of multidisciplinary talents spanning everything from multimedia to industrial design.  In their own words, they “cut, paste, staple, dance, sketch, build, paint, up-hoard, laugh, bike, sew, photograph, write, dumpster dive, push pixels, make videos, quote the Simpsons, laugh some more, and generally have fun doing what they  love.  FG is creative enough to solve any design problem, and smart enough to win the science fair. It can dress up like it’s picture day and be fun like finger painting, only better.”

You can see more of what they’ve been working on at

Ad Banner Blind

Vinyl outdoor ad banners are thrown in the trash every day when they could be used to create clever and beautiful products. Layering this perforated vinyl over your window as an alternative to a fabric blind creates a scrambled effect along with layered type that will make any design nerd want one.

Depo Deco DIY

Depo Deco is an ongoing DIY project. Roam a Home Depot store, fill your cart with random parts and then “MacGyver” it into something wild and wonderful. We love the “Eureka” moment when all of the unrelated components fit together perfectly and you realize how versatile, affordable and accessible design can be.


Using the old “Gun in the Bible” jail-break trick as our inspiration, we decided to up-cycle the now largely obsolete telephone book into a beautifully bound hardcover. Great for those who’d rather reach for their bookshelf than their toolbox.

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