CUTMR 2012 Preview: Gareth Bate

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Gareth Bate, Installation for "Corps Intérieur" (Inner Body), Montreal

The installation for Corps Intérieur (Inner Body) was collaboration with David Pressault, a Montreal choreographer. The experimental contemporary dance was performed at the Monument National theatre in Montreal in Jan 09 and then remounted in Dec. 09. The immersive 200-foot multi-level environment allowed the audience to wander freely in a glowing underworld reminiscent of an ancient cave or pulsing inner body.

Gareth Bate, Plastic Paintings Self-Portrait Installation, High Park, Toronto

This piece came about during a time when Gareth couldn’t think of what to do next. So he just started painting self-portraits on pieces of torn up plastic tarp. Over several weeks they started to accumulate into a full wall work. Later he took them outside and photographed them hanging in trees and stuck in the snow in Toronto’s High Park. For Gareth they are about  trying to find a relationship with nature while living in the city.

Gareth Bate, Digital Rendering of the Fleshed Out installation at Gareth Bate Art Projects, 401 Richmond St. West, Toronto

Gareth Bate is planning an installation for Fleshed Out a collaboration with Montreal choreographer David Pressault and Toronto dancer Shannon Litzenberger. At its core, Fleshed Out explores the relationship between technology and the body, and how this relationship is quickly evolving. The installation will be an immersive experience like being inside a giant computer circuit board made entirely of found objects and obsolete computer parts.


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