CUTMR 2012 Preview: Matthew Davis and Aurelia Adams

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The participants for the 9th annual show — taking place this January 27 to 29th (mark your calendars now!) — have been selected!  Over the coming months, we’ll be introducing (or re-introducing) you to the brave exhibitors you can expect to see.

The distinction of being first belongs to Matthew Davis and Aurelia Adams, both architecture students at the University of Waterloo.  Adams has explored her interest in interactive spacial interaction interning with Parkin Architects (Toronto), Aquitectonica (Miami), and del Río Núñez (Santiago).  Davis followed his interests in architecture, identity and brand development to internships with KPF (New York), Aquitectonica (Paris), and Coop Himmelb(l)au (Vienna).

In the images below, you can see their poster, It’s Been Fun, made from images collected during their travels; their complete brand identity for FTAN, a solar energy startup; and Distorting the Big Box, a concept for a hybrid form of big box architecture that integrates agriculture and residential space.

You can see more of Davis’s work here.

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