CUTMR 2012 Preview: TOMA

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TOMA is a design studio producing playful urban objects that bring a bright spot to everyday life with a wink of humour and a sparkling spirit. Because they have been conceived by graphic designers, these objects mix form and function in a visual syntax that also includes their presentation and packaging.

Bootwear Mats are made in polyethylene and available in a water drops or street grid design. Bootwear mats explore our relationship with the weather in a playful, practical manner.

Trivets are a family of five CNC (computer numerically cut) Russian birch plywood designs and one cork design all providing heat resistance to protect tables/countertops. They may be grouped together to create a table centre.

Inside Out describes a range of products with fluid lines. The collection endows daily rituals with a touch of humour while taking a new look at the objects around us. The line offers practical, aesthetically pleasing objects composed of plain, recyclable materials.

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