CUTMR Retrospective Show

January 20-30, 2011

Opening Thursday, January 20, 6-10 PM
Organized by Alina Kulesh, Curatorial Assistant

The CUTMR Retrospective Show takes its audience through the last seven years of the Gladstone Hotel’s annual show Come Up To My Room. Housed on-site in the hotel’s intimate Art Bar, this exhibition provides a glimpse into some of the past installations of CUTMR by presenting selected projects as well as a digital slideshow of all room installations and public space projects from 2004 to 2010. Bringing colour photographs and original objects together in a dynamic installation, the CUTMR Retrospective Show runs from January 20-30, 2011.

Alina Kulesh Curatorial Assistant

At a very young age Alina made the commitment to Art, Film, and Media. Currently, Alina is working for a production company that tells stories on behalf of brands. Prior to entering into the world of media production and advertising, Alina dabbled into portrait and life drawing. She also reads, blogs, and tweets.

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