Denise Ing & Ken Leung

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Denise Ing is a former resident artist at the Living Arts Centre whose work has been exhibited at Queen’s Park and Harbourfront Centre. Departing from craft practices, her sound installation, The Hyland, was exhibited at Toronto Free Gallery and, most recently, her interactive installation piece, 12 Hours of Power, was featured in the 2009 Toronto edition of Nuit Blanche.

Ken Leung is a multidisciplinary designer and artist specializing in interactive artifacts and environments. He has worked with the OCAD Mobile Experience Lab for the past four years, designing and programming objects and public installations that users can interact with through their mobile devices. Ken is currently working on the Biomapping project at OCAD, and is collaborating with researchers at the Baycrest Center for Geriatric Care to design aids for memory-impaired patients.

Both Ken and Denise share an interest in public interaction, hold Bachelor degrees in Psychology, and live in Toronto.

For CUTMR 2011, Ken and Denise present an interactive project Wish you were here!.

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