Interview with Kira and Ed of Studio 1:1

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Studio 1:1, DeSpaced concept image

Using only 149 words, here are Studio 1:1’s responses to the CUTMR participant interview questionnaire:

How do you see your CUTMR installation/project fitting in to your larger practice as an artist, architect or designer?

Come Up To My Room is not merely an event where a lot of emerging young people get to have their breakthroughs. It is first if a all a learning ground where artists get to learn a lot, fast and, most importantly, from ones own mistakes. For us CUTMR is a huge opportunity but it is also a classroom.

How do you see your practice expanding over the next five years?

Fast and wide. In our installation practice we would like to focus on issues of technology and space by creating interactive installations at numerous venues and fairs.

What do you think about the rise and interest in multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary practices?

It is inevitable in the society of vast technological resources. Our minds are expending and are able to fit more and more information. The individual curiosity is what guides the need to explore diverse interests.

CUTMR has really expanded from a design show to be a fertile exhibition for all kinds of artists, designers and creative people. Help us come up with a new name for the kinds of makers that participate in CUTMR.

Partist – an individual who’s creation stems from using a variety of parts either through disassembling a greater object or using parts not for their intended uses.

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