Jana Macalik | John Peterson | Diana Watters – Room 202

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This is a first time collaboration between Macalik, Peterson and Watters. Jana seeks to integrate art, science, and architecture to create memorable and immersive experiences, avidly developing and pursuing her philosophy of spatial narratives. She currently is a design researcher and professor at Ryerson, dreaming of further academic pursuits. As a practicing architect at KPMB Architects, John has a long interest in elegantly expressed buildings. His work shows a sensitivity for the design, habitability, and sustainability of structures. Diana continues to examine the role of space as a communicator. She thrives to find ways to create experiences that manipulate materiality in unexpected ways in her day-to-day existence as an interior designer at Figure 3. They all play well together.

By wanting fully immersive experiences, Jana, John and Diana all explore space making as a link between the real and the virtual and thus, an extension of society and its identity. Their installation will connect to urban voyeurism, manipulating light and sound, image and form, glass and objects to tell a story of a room, its occupants and those who watch them.


Click here to see their final installation for CUTMR 2011.

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