Jennifer Davis | Jamie Phelan – Room 212

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Artist Statement


Inside Ballroom, a small found object is collected, amassed and repurposed to reconfigure the hotel room and achieve a large-scale spatial transformation.  The visitor experience oscillates between the confrontation with solid mass and the occupation of empty space that is enveloped by, contained inside, left over from and altered by, a solid.  Ballroom is a place of contrast, where perception and experience flip from the familiar to the unexpected.


Davis and Phelan first crossed paths in New York City while designing hospitality projects. A shared passion for creating spaces of spectacle and interaction, combined with their studies of architecture and interior design, result in designs that transport the audience into unique, memorable places.

Davis is currently working towards her Master of Architecture at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape & Design at the University of Toronto. She has studied in Rome and has worked with design and architecture firms in New York, Toronto and Madrid. Her current interest is the potential crossovers between art, dance, and architecture.

Phelan graduated from the Interior Design program at Parsons School of Design, after which she worked on hospitality design projects throughout the United States. She is currently working in New York as a trend forecaster as well as pursuing residential design projects both in New York and Toronto.

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