Lisa Neighbour | lighting

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Each lighting artist was asked the same question: Why are you drawn to light and lighting?

Lisa Neighbour

I’m so glad you asked that question, it is one I have asked myself more than a few times. 1. I’m afraid of the dark. 2. I can’t see in the dark. 3. I find myself in darkness more and more often. 4. I like the way light emphasizes and defines the shadow world. 5. I notice lights before anything else. 6. My first memories are all about light. 7. I like electricity. 8. I love junk. 9. I like rehabilitating things that are dead and broken. 10. I enjoy creating experiences and spectacles. So if you have any dead lamps, parts, etc. You know where to bring ’em. Also, if you need a lamp fixed, I do that for fun, and for free.


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