Maggie Greyson | Christine Lieu | Phoebe Lo – Room 202

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CUTMR-RM-202-3Artist Statement

Undertaking Acquisition – Chronicles of Our Time

We have brought the Archival Library of Found Treasures to the Gladstone Hotel and invite you to participate in the lost and found of priceless objects. Welcome to a dazzling array of unique items, paragons of the Toronto region. Bring your micro frippery, gimcrack cutting, divorced doodads, fandangle filaments and the odds of your analog widgets. Exchange it for a virtuously reputable fare! Come see a collection like no other. There is something for everyone, and everyone can walk away with something.

Step into the world of imagination…welcome.


With backgrounds in theatre, industrial design and sculpture, Greyson, Lieu, and Lo have come together to create room 202. Influenced by natural cycles, a fascination with collections, and an all around interest in cultivating stories of existing humanity, the trio have put their magical touch on a room that will take you to another world ‐ a place like no other ‐ where stories unfold and new experiences are shared. In order to continue this trail of treasures lost and now found, will you partake in the foreign exchange with them?





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