Maison St. Pierre with Patrick Lightheart | Room 206

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Maison St. Pierre is pleased to debut its first collection at Come Up To My Room 2005. Tim Friesen, D’Arcy St. Pierre, and guest artist Patrick Lightheart have assembled an assortment of mixed-media furniture, lighting, and art for this show. Their work focuses around texture and scale, and has a strong graphic influence. A textile scrim will set the stage and act as a backdrop to playful furniture pieces – such as a lamp in the shape of a chair, end tables which light light, and a large feathered lampshade, all which are meant to challenge the popular concept of home décor.

Maison St. Pierre is Tim Friesen, D’Arcy St. Pierre, and guest artist Patrick Lightheart. Tim Friesen graduated from Sheridan College in 2000. He is currently working as a furniture designer and product developer. D’Arcy St. Pierre attended the University of Waterloo’s Architecture program and now operates a men’s custom shirting company. Patrick Lightheart specializes in graphic design and photography.

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