Mark McLean

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This is Mark McLean’s first public show heralding his move from hobby artist to an emerging participant in Toronto’s art scene.  As a 20+ year veteran of the real estate industry in Toronto,  he currently manages one of the most avant-garde real estate offices in the city. Mark has always been intrigued in the merging of art and business.  Creativity spurs a competitive advantage because it teaches us to observe trends, pick up on visual and social clues, build the unique and find new ways of tackling old problems.

Through what is best described as ‘assembled sculpture,’ Mark is particularly fond of surfing dollar stores, discount warehouses and surplus dealers looking for bulk items to assemble. Individually, any item can be boring and overlooked, but collectively they become compelling. Whether items are assembled in an orderly fashion, manipulated haphazardly, stacked or simply dunked in paint, the results are often the same — the redundant or absurd is made relevant.

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