Noelle Hamlyn -Room 208

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Artist StatementCUTMR-RM-208-2

A room remembers.

Inhaling light and sound and thought … Its inhabitants are forever … Absorbed … By soft silent lungs

The room holds … Breath … Keeps secrets

In silence … In the shadow of a turned back … The room exhales … Murmuring its contents … As breathing … Points in time

A room remembers.

Hamlyn metaphorically opens the room – coaxing it to reveal its organic structure by draping it in hand embroidered Gampi tissue paper, reminiscent of layers of dissected lungs. As if remembering every interaction, every conversation, the room is revealed to be many layers of tissue, each a breathing point in time.


Hamlyn is intrigued by the possibilities of textiles – of textures and fibres to evoke emotion. Believing our sense of touch is one of the most powerful and profound vehicles of human experience, she is drawn to materials with strong tactile qualities and uses these as metaphors to explore experience.

Hamlyn is a graduate of Sheridan Institute’s Crafts and Design Program (Textiles), and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her studio work has earned numerous awards and been shown across Canada and throughout Chicago. Most recently, her work was selected for inclusion in the International Craft Biennale in Cheongju, South Korea, the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad, and a North American touring exhibition curated by the Canadian Craft Federation. Hamlyn is a member of the Ontario Crafts Council and the Toronto based Contemporary Textile Coop.

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