302collective | Second Floor, Room 202

302collective | Second Floor, Room 202

Project: Skin Deep

The process begins with an ad hoc papering of the walls- we are interested in an exploration of surface, skin, and pattern that communicates ideas of the body in space. The 15th century European tradition of putting up printed sheets in rooms to transform the meaning of space inspires us, as does the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper". We are also interested in exploring geometry, repeat, and scale to create an interconnected new surface world and we will explore the use of modular laser-cut sheets of material that mediate between the skin of the wall and the interior of the room. A new purposeful thickness to the wall surface is made that creates voids and forms, patterns and opportunities for light and new affordances.


302collective are educators who also engage in writing and creative work in the public realm. They explore the realm of interiors and public space utilizing new forms of production and materiality in their installations and built works.

Website / Social Media Handle: www.rsid.ryerson.ca

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