Aaron Jones | Homework

Aaron Jones | Homework

Through ‘Homework’, Aaron Jones orchestrates an abyss of images cut from magazines and children’s books from the homes of friends and family. The dark tones and colours in the work highlight nuances between the figures and the space in which they are depicted. By using collage (much like the repurposing of furniture and apparel), he denies the images their original purposes as advertisements or educational tools.

Aaron Jones is a Jamaican-Canadian Toronto native working with found images, videos and lense-based media of domestic origins. Often working through collage techniques, he employs multiple forms of mark-making, photography, and printmaking to build characters and spaces relating to surreal personal experiences. His practice surrounds ideas of self-reflection and character building. More specifically, Jones touches on family, masculinity, and melanin in his narratives through a cathartic and ritualistic practice of deconstructing and rebuilding until he arrives at his mimesis.

Instagram: @ehrogn

This project is supported by OCAD University’s Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers through the Career Launchers program providing artistic and professional opportunities to creative graduates from OCAD University.

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