Adam Harris & Parimal Gosai

Adam Harris & Parimal Gosai | public space

Living Wall

The plastic bag – an everyday object that has become as undesirable as it is ubiquitous. This free standing living wall gives new life to these troublesome totes and explores how materials can be re-purposed in order to transmute their destructive effects. The Wall was created using reclaimed TV antenna towers (remember, the one's so tempting to climb?) and planters which are composed of 60-70 laminated plastic shopping bags. More than 3500 plastic bags were used to create all the planters! Each planter is placed and shaped in such a way that water introduced at the top will drip down through planters below - so a self watering system could be easily introduced.

Adam Harris is a design thinker by nature and his working philosophy considers design as inherently sustainable.

There is no ‘green’ design, only good design! Parimal Gosai is committed to responsibility in design, architecture and urban development – a responsibility that shares the importance and advocates the necessity of living in synchrony with the natural world.

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