Allyson Mitchell and Magazin Flair

Allyson Mitchell and Magazin Flair | Room 207

Granny Square Wreck Room

Allyson Mitchell and Magazin Flair have married their obsessive, compulsive collections to create Granny Square Wreck Room. This recreation of the experience of hiding in Granny's blanket box simultaneously conjures both the creepy and the cozy. Room 207 will push your buttons and bows, releasing the sweet musk of nostalgia while honouring the glorious art of crochet.

Paul Campbell is the co-director at Magazin Flair, a department store incorporating modernist furnishings, art and fashion. Paul is an artist/designer/teacher and gallery director with an enviable fine arts academic background.

Allyson Mitchell is a maximalist artist who makes objects and installations with fun fur, found objects and abandoned crafts. She has also produced 22 films and videos. Mitchell is currently writing her dissertation about far women, power and space; and teaches activism and pop culture at York University.

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