Amanda Gresik | Second Floor, Room 206

Amanda Gresik | Second Floor, Room 206

Project Name: The long, tedious task of waiting

Many people have experienced what it is like to go into a hospital waiting room, either for themselves or to accompany a friend or family member. While trying to pass the time by flipping through magazines and filling out forms, it is hard to not feel anxious and overwhelmed. Amanda’s work is based off of her own experiences and explores the tedious nature of being in a waiting room.

She uses ‘Whitework’ which is a traditional type of embroidery that has been practiced throughout history to document and celebrate important events in people’s lives. With white linen fabric and cotton thread, she re-creates the waiting room environment, focusing on items one gathers while starring at the nearby clock. Throwaway paper objects turn into heirlooms, documenting an important though tedium filled chapter of her life.

Bio: Amanda is a recent graduate of OCADU and is the 2016 recipient of the Material Art & Design Medal. Her primary focus is in whitework embroidery and weaving. Her work explores complex topics - illness, waiting, time and the connection people have between significant life events and textiles.

Website / Social Media Handle: @amanda_gresik (instagram and twitter)

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