An Dy | 2nd Floor North Corridor

An Dy | 2nd Floor North Corridor

'These Pixels are TOO sweet' by An Dy

An Dy is putting Pixels on trial, calling on a variety of media to challenge and affirm the way we consume art and media. Imagery will include motifs taken from virtual interfaces such as the adobe suite programs, and contrast them with traditional forms such as the human figure. Allowing for a slower way to interpret these spaces, my work postures as stand in’s for the stimulation we receive through our screens at a time where we are both consumed by social media and alienated from it.

An Dy (@probablynot_an_dy), a Toronto born artist, graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in April 2017 with a BFA. These Pixels are Too Sweet explores the language of painting as a way to reflect the oversaturated experience he had growing up navigating the structures of the digital world.

IG @probablynot_an_dy

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