Becky Lane & Chrissy Poitras

Becky Lane & Chrissy Poitras | public space

Becky Lane is an emerging designer and Chrissy Poitras an emerging artist. Together they explore their shared fascination with the grander philosophical concepts of the universe, happenstance, and the everyday rituals of life.

Becky Lane is the principal designer for the design studio, I Beast You. She has a degree in interior design from Ryerson University. Becky explores themes of nostalgia and remembrance by recreating objects from her past, and incorporating the discarded objects from other people’s pasts into her own stories.

Chrissy Poitras is an abstract painter and printmaker with a degree in fine art from Queens University. She is the Executive Director of Spark Box, a print studio and residency. Her work is an investigation of the accidental marks found in her surroundings, the purpose of which is not to create a unified composition, but to allow the viewer to follow trains of thought.

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