Brothers Dressler

Brothers Dressler | public space

Twin woodworkers Jason and Lars Dressler, build furniture and other objects with a respect for material, process and craftsmanship. By focusing on creating at a local craft level, Brothers Dressler design and produce all of their custom furniture and batch production pieces out of their studio workshop in Toronto. Always looking for opportunities to repurpose and upcycle salvaged objects, materials and waste streams, they make a continuous effort to use materials which are locally harvested or from responsible suppliers. The nature of their work is defined by the specific elements that go into each piece, and they embrace the constraints inherent in the materials selected for each project. Current clients include Evergreen, PARC, The Shorefast Foundation and the YMCA.

For their Public Space installation at CUTMR 2011, Brothers Dressler will explore reconstructing fallen and discarded City of Toronto trees, combining them with discarded engine parts to create new lighting.

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