Bruno Billio & Mahan Javadi

Bruno Billio & Mahan Javadi | Room 209

Light, Touch, Play, Smile, Joy, Feel, Awe, Texture, Stroke, Blue, Minimal, Focused, Full, Calming, Surreal, Surprising, Sensual, Tall, High, Tension, Glow, Stress, Hot, Mesmerizing, Social, Alluring, Precision, Soothing ... Just come up and see it!

Bruno Billio is a Canadian artist working from an interdisciplinary background. At once an installation artist, a sculptor, and a designer, Billio creates challenging works informed by his command of each of these practices. Billio is currently based in Toronto, and has exhibited internationally in Milan, London, Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Billio's artistic practice is informed by the active displacement and staging of the found object. The everyday is reinterpreted through its spatial and contextual re-appropriation by the artist, who presents himself by proxy as both an interventionist and an inventor.

Mahan Javadi is a Toronto artist who creates site specific installations, graphic designs, and performance based works. Javadi's work often explores the qualities and conditions of existence and how we experience the world. Unbound by medium, Javadi utilizes any materials and methods necessary to realize his concepts and ideas. Problem-solving is an important part of Javadi's process, as he approaches every piece as a series of obstacles each requiring a unique and innovative solution.

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