Bruno Billio & Matthew Nye

Bruno Billio & Matthew Nye | Room 209

Billio and Nye’s Conversation Piece explores the personal and performative relationship between domesticity and technology, and the reverence of household furniture as both functional/dysfunctional object and purveyor of identity.

Bruno Billio is a sculptor and installation artist. His work has been exhibited internationally and involves a magical transformation of everyday objects that signify a deeper meaning while remaining, well ... everyday. Billio uses conventional items in unconventional ways, to create new life.

Matthew Nye is an artist and designer residing in Toronto. His work explores information science, theoretical architecture and the space occupied within the built environment for artistic intervention. Having whetted an appetite for reading through trashy science fiction novels at a young age, the future of architecture and design seemed a logical trajectory, short of writing trashy science fiction -- a possibility that he has not completely ruled out.

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