Bruno Billio & Miriam Grenville

Bruno Billio & Miriam Grenville | Room 209

Miriam Grenville worked in the residential design industry for 15 years before starting her own design company in 2004. She works with illustration as well as digital images and process to create alternative wall coverings that are guaranteed to “raise eyebrows and start discussions”. She has showcased her work at IDS and been featured on HGTV.

Bruno Billio is a visual artist in residence at the Gladstone Hotel. Billio is fascinated by the architecture of spaces and objects. He transforms everyday objects, re-purposing them and even redefines the scale and position of objects. He is known for his stacked sculptures of furniture, found objects and string installations. Often Bruno utilizes his own living space and personal possessions to infuse his work with familiarity and history.

The invitation to collaborate with another artist at CUTMR came at just the right time. This is our first collaboration. We'd like to thank the curators for pairing us. We welcome the opportunity to combine our talents and to meet another group of Canadian artist-designers.

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