Bruno Billio & Sam Mogelonsky

Bruno Billio & Sam Mogelonsky | Room 209

Mirrored Room with Shiny Spinning Things

BRUNO BILLIO and SAM MOGELONSKY love all things that shine and spin. By using this mutual interest as a starting point, they will create an installation where two independently shiny and spinning objects are reflected and repeated indefinitely within a space.

BILLIO is the resident artist at the Gladstone Hotel and an installation artist, sculptor, and designer. He has gained notoriety for his inventive use of stacking objects and his ability to reinterpret the everyday through spatial and contextual re-appropriation.

MOGELONSKY is an emerging Toronto-based artist. She holds an MFA from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art, London, UK. Mogelonsky constructs whimsical installations and sculptural forms that investigate storytelling and repetition.

BILLIO and MOGELONSKY have both exhibited within Canada and internationally.

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