Bruno Billio

Bruno Billio | Room 68

Bruno Billio was born in Toronto in 1970. His installations for interiors often involved stacked furniture, string, tape, light and discrete sculptural objects. For the Gladstone project, Billio will line the walls and ceiling of his room with parallel rows of fluorescent string, also connecting the hallway, staircases and the outside of the hotel with each other. As with the Minimalist string sculpture of the late Fred Sandback (1943-2003), Billio creates the illusion of an alternate space within existing architecture. The intervention builds conduits of energy that radiate outwards from the room. Old, invisible patterns of circulation become tangible. Within the room itself, which Bruno will occupy and animate, are several sculptures made of domestic material: books, clocks, paintings and suitcases with light. Each contributes to the feeling and stasis of home and of the temporary, transient flow of an old hotel room.

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