Chelsea Attong | 2nd Floor North Corridor

Chelsea Attong | 2nd Floor North Corridor

'E M B R A C E' by Chelsea Attong

'You will be immersed into the vast beauty of the female body.

Lack of self love, particularly with women, has been a detrimental result of a gender oppressive society; and, it’s exclusive beauty ideal has impeded us from truly appreciating and embracing our diverse shapes, sizes, and colors. This scrutiny and inequality has promoted a female inferiority complex, and a culture where women neglect themselves.

Through inviting guests into a tunnel inside the female body, this interactive and inclusive installation allows guests to discover and embrace the astounding female qualities that women possess in a tangible and provocative way in order to promote a culture of acceptance and self-love.

Inspired by a combination of my personal experiences as well as seeing the powerful women I admire, despise themselves, I created this inclusive installation to educate and empower women to see the miraculous wonders they possess, and to also provide a medium to connect with one another.

“Embrace” emulates the female body through an interactive tunnel that immerses guests with a medley of inflated and life size abstract sculptures and hanging installations. It combines various textures, fabrics and materials including: nude latex, armature wire, and real life plants. This inclusive installation welcomes all who identify as women, as well as those who want to understand the female experience. Beginning with the sensual shape, and progressing through the vagina, the composition that allows viewers to explore, touch, and open their mind to embrace the body in a way they have never before.'

At 20 years old, Chelsea Attong is an abstract expressionist artist who has won first place in both live painting battles and art installation competitions across Toronto. Among being a creative director, entrepreneur and curator, Chelsea is a multifaceted artist, who has taught over 100 art classes across the GTA as well as showcased her art in over a dozen Toronto galleries in 2017 alone. Her creations are purposeful, provocative and unregrettably raw, leaving sentimental impressions which guide viewers to open up and get in touch with the most vulnerable parts of themselves, all while striking them visually.


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