concealed studio | Room 206

Concealed Studio | Room 206

'figments' by concealed studio (Cheryl Cheng + Mario Sabljak)

The concept of our room installation project would be to show layers and textures that form a visually stimulating experience for guests.

Inspired by nature, our sculptures are a direct relationship to our research of fractals, insects anatomy, plant cells and crystals. Composing monochrome geometries, we want to evoke viewers to experience and step in and out of fractals of imaginations and reality.

"When one looks closely at the intricate details of a leaf, an insect, or perceives a hidden labyrinthine world." - concealed studio

concealed ctudio is a collective of two Vancouver based designers that want to share their vision of producing installations that leave end users curious and visually inspired.

Always the originators and never the duplicators,Concealed Studio wants to fuse the concept of art and design.

instagram @concealedstudio

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