Covello Reesor

Covello Reesor | Room 207

Covello Reesor is a design studio based in downtown Toronto. Cristina Covello and Andrew Reesor pursue both collaborative projects and individual work. Their approach to each project varies, but always includes thinking, material exploration, and an evaluation or how people relate to and make use of designed objects.

The history of the settlement of Ontario – particularly the furniture traditions that arrived with early settlers – is a constant source of inspiration for us. In our room, we explore the language of early Canadian furniture, as well as the philosophies that accompanied settler populations. In particular, we shed focus on the idea of creating objects from what is readily available. For settlers, this may have meant using the trees that were cut down to make room for their homes, or drawing on their skills as pioneers and craftspeople. Today, we can add to that list resources such as waste materials and various technologies. Working from these ideas, our room showcases objects made from the creative combination of scrap, craft and innovation.

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