Cyborgesses | Room 206

Spiders and Test tubes, Stephanie Mansolf & Jen Prather collaborative piece, 2010

Stephanie Mansolf works creating large scale installations, primarily compromised of large scale vinyl decals and cut out drawings. Mansolf's work employs an excessive and intentional overuse of Aesthetics pushed to the point of obsession. Interested in creating life sized alternate realities, Mansolf explores what is oftentimes perceived as horrific and grotesque taboo subject matter in environments defined by her own rules & limitations. Mutation, insanity and disease are personified, becoming characters in Mansolf's new landscapes. Thirsting for violence, enamored by the grotesque, craving the abnormal, these creatures candy coated facades seduce viewers into viewing taboo subject matter in an environment removed from terror and discomfort.

Jen Prather's interest lies in creating a hyperreal environment that borrows from 1970s pattern design aesthetics and combines a patchwork of recycled fabric scraps, various crafty thread and yarn materials, and miscellaneous industrial cords and wires. In these spaces one can comingle with soft, anthropomorphic forms amidst playfully claustrophobic installations. Through exuberantly flamboyant colours and clashing patterns, one may feel comfortably energized while interacting with the creatures. Prather's work primarily consists of soft sculptural objects, intermixed with a hybrid of paintings, small drawings, and text that are just as playful as the colours and imagery that it embodies. Material choices are determined based on purpose, without one having precedence over the other. Interested in the unique existence of each of her projects, Prather explores the permeation of interior exterior spaces, and the possibility that when viewers look into one of her installations, they may discover the installation is looking right back at them.

Together Stephanie & Jen are the Cyborgesses.

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