Darian Goldin Stahl | Binary ReVision

Darian Goldin Stahl | Binary ReVision

Darian Goldin Stahl’s work concerns our encounters with medicine and imaging technologies. She is interested in how the lived, dimensional body is flattened in medical scans, and the effect these surreal photographs have on the patient’s conception of self. This installation also reveals the networks of humans, animals, and materials that undergird scientific innovation. In circular compositions, viewers are able to train an eye onto the layers of the bodily research in a merging of macro- and microscopic viewpoints.

Darian Goldin Stahl is an American Printmaker currently living in Montreal. She is a Ph.D. Humanities candidate and Vanier Scholar at Concordia University. She received her M.F.A. from the University of Alberta, and her B.F.A. in printmaking from Indiana University Bloomington. Darian’s research-creation consists of multi-sensory artist’s book and installation art that collaboratively inform and reconstruct the illness identity.


The artist is grateful for support from Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship.

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