Evan Bare

Evan Bare | public space

The DJ_BOOTH is a turntablist's dream. Lay down a wicked set; then chill out on a comfortable lounge bed.

The PARTY BAR arrives knocked down; ppuzzle-like pieces assemble with no hardware and can be rebuilt to suit changing needs.

Inspirations for both objects reflect experiments in CNC machining processes combined with traditional wood joinery and design for disassembly methodologies. Domestic building materials are fused with techno, architectural and industrial design elements.The entire set arrived flat in the back of a small sports car and was assembled within a couple of hours.

Evan Bare draws from his background as an Industrial designer to harness new possibilities through responsible design, green materials and CNC machining capabilities. His studio, 608 Design, creates unique residential pieces using 3D modeling and sustainable construction methodologies. Clean contemporary tables and seating with integrated storage and replaceable components are the primary focus.

Thank you to Paul Mazzotta of HUB Design Studio

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