F_RMlab (Ron Adriano, Justin Ng, Tristan Sito, Eric Oh) | 3rd floor, East Hallway

F_RMlab (Ron Adriano, Justin Ng, Tristan Sito, Eric Oh) | 3rd floor, South Corridor

RECOIL is an examination of the corridor as an accumulation of experiences. A drooping canopy connected to a series of motored wires holds small balls, and activated by the presence of people, canopy undulates, moving the balls to different locations. With each progressive person that moves through the corridor, the arrangement of the balls changes, mapping the accumulated navigations of the space. LED lights strung to the ceiling diffuses through the canopy and balls, creating a map of shadows on the corridor floor. The project examines the natural way-finding and user appropriations of space, calling into question the potential for architecture to respond to the way people choose to inhabit space."

F_RMLab/COOP Design Collective is a student collective formed to promote design-based computation and discourse at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. Their agenda comprises three categories: software, hardware and fabrication/prototyping. F_RMlab peer to peer teaching and learning. Much of its energy is directed into workshops and seminars for cross-disciplinary skill development.

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