Fireweed | public space

Erin O'Hara | Andy Miller

Safe and Warm

A plane crashes, creatures catapult from the blast and parachute to the safety of warm sweater hills. While the work first appears to be a tragedy in the moment, it is the small characters, thrown from the center of the disaster, that reveal the chance for a new beginning and offer hope from within the chaos. Biography

Fireweed was born of a shared fondness for giving old objects and reclaimed materials a new purpose by using them to create contemporary art and design. It is a small collective with ambitious ideas, made up of two members: O’Hara and Miller. This exhibition will be their first collaboration in which they work with an equally shared vision under the Fireweed name.

O’Hara and Miller first joined forces in 2003 when they combined their talents of art and design to create a number of pieces for the Playing Doctor and Monster Show exhibitions.The Fireweed ideology focuses on the creation of aesthetically pleasing pieces that redefine perfection by presenting the world as it is: the reality. Their hope is to find beauty in the seemingly awed or in the glimmers of hope that arise following a disaster. We consider this practice to be honest because it reects the world as it is.

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