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Gorbet Design | public space

Matt Gorbet, Susan Gorbet and Rob Gorbet use technology in creative ways to turn spaces into experiences. Their backgrounds in art, architecture, design, psychology, computer science and engineering result in innovative physical interactions that surprise and delight. Clients include the Drake Hotel, Lileo, the Royal Ontario Museum, Herman Miller, the Region of Waterloo, York University and the San José International Airport. Their work has been featured in Ars Electronica, ISEA, the McLuhan Festival and Burning Man.

From me to You (Character Traits). This retro-styled interactive work playfully explores the power of words in a relationship. Individual characters are significant (others). From the lyrical to the absurd, unexpected changes evoke sudden and powerful imagery. This piece explores the ephemerality of our emotions, as well as the internal processes of meaning-making that shape our relationships to the people we L-O-V-E, or is it M-O-V-E.

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