Gordis Wong | 3rd Floor Public Space

Gordis Wong | 3rd Floor Public Space

'R.E.M.' by Gordis Wong

'Inspiration is often taken from your waking state and occurrences that you have experienced in daily life. In my piece, R.E.M., I have taken inspiration from the nocturnal world of dreams. In an attempt to submerge the viewer into an ephemeral atmosphere, as if entering a dream, I have fabricated a dual reality of artificiality harmonizing with physicality in which the audience becomes the bridge that transverses both. R.E.M. explores a transient subject through an immersive experience that touches upon sight, touch, sound, and smell.'

Emerging Toronto based artist, Gordis Wong, is a fresh graduate who explores diverse concepts ranging from cultural identity to the fleeting world of dreams through ways of painting, immersive installations and other forms of media.usually represented in uncanny ways.

instagram: @gordiswong twitter: @chukyiu

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