Grove Collective (Alex Leitch + Yifat Shaik) | Second Floor, Room 207

Grove Collective (Alex Leitch + Yifat Shaik) | Second Floor, Room 207

Project Name: Hothouse

Hothouse is a garden of mechanical flowers that open when "watered" with the correct gesture sequence, offering a seed copy of their plans for anyone to take. The flowers clatter, delicate and awkward, to evoke a sense of delight and unease in their audience.

Reproducible yet fragile, once any given flower is built, it starts to decay. Each piece is recyclable or biodegradable, intended to fall to pieces within fifty years. Their electronics will be obsolete almost before installation is complete, their software subject to endless change and debate in a precarious economy. They can grow only while protected.

The installation comments on “walled gardens” in intellectual property arenas, a publishing conceit that locks allowable device software. Like hothouses, walled gardens protect at the cost of fragility.

Artist Bio

Grove Collective is Alex Leitch and Yifat Shaik. We are interested in the limitations and encouragements of current technology: what kind of magic comes for free, versus what kind of magic comes from a lot of practice.Our installation bring delight at the edge of things falling apart.

Website / Social Media Handle: @aeleitch @yifatshaik

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