Heartbreakers | public space

Heartbreakers aims to provoke conversation with their visual representation of the dynamics of conversation and interaction with touch activated light and wood stools.

Gusek was born and grew up in St. Albert, Alberta. Loh was born in a small town in Brunei but has called Edmonton home for the past 16 years. They met while they were attending the University of Alberta in the Industrial Design program. Through class projects and exhibiting together in a local show they realized that they had different, yet complimentary ideas and similar work habits.

As individual designers, they both have very different and distinct styles. Gusek has a tendency for textures, organic forms, and complicated philosophies (some times overly complicated). Loh tends to strip everything down to its essence and is very heavily influenced by minimalism, clean lines (some times overly simple). The interplay of these two styles is what now defines Heartbreakers design Studio. Their first furniture line called Lover expresses love, heartbreak, minimalism and conceptual ideas in a clear communicative way.

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