Heidi Earnshaw & Petra de Mooy

Heidi Earnshaw & Petra de Mooy | Room 50

In their first collaboration, Heidi and Petra have created a model of an idealized artist's studio. The space is intended as a blank slate. The objects in the room were designed simultaneously with the objective of maintaining a unified visual language to address three furniture ideas.

Petra de Mooy has a multi-disciplinary studio practice in Toronto. Her creative activities include art, exhibition design, interior design, furniture design and fabrication. Through this practice Petra keeps herself inspired by keeping the work open ended and strives to achieve high resolution in all facets of art and design practices.

Heidi Earnshaw is a furniture designer and maker practicing in downtown Toronto producing both client commissioned and speculative interior and exterior furniture, architectural installations and related objects. Her studio Source Design provides site specific design, consultation and fabrication services. Often working in collaboration with other designers and a network of subcontractors, wood projects incorporate steel, stone, glass and plastics. Traditional handwork is used in combination with production processes to build residential, public and corporate projects, which range in scope from one-off commissions to batch production runs.

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