Heidi Mckenzie | Body Within

Heidi Mckenzie | Body Within

Using the media of clay, film and sound, this multi-part installation asks the question – what is it like to embody a human vessel that is invisibly fractured? Through abstraction, I share my experience and catharsis of chronic fibromyalgia and congenital kidney disease. Some days feel full of struggle and defeat; other times I am filled with gratitude, serenity and optimism. It has not been easy but I have created these works: their very existence affirms, “yes, I am here.”

Heidi McKenzie is Parkdale-based ceramic installation artist. Heidi’s work is informed by her mixed Indo-Trinidadian/Irish-American heritage, and engages themes of race, hybridity, memory, archive, and healing. She completed her Diploma at Sheridan College (2012) and MFA at OCADU (2014). Heidi has worked internationally as an artist-in-residence in India, China, Indonesia, Denmark , Australia and Hungary. Her work has been exhibited internationally including biennials in Hungary, Romania, Australia and the Toronto International Art Fair.

Instagram: @heidi_art
Facebook: heidimckenzie.artist

This project was supported through the Ontario Arts Council’s Exhibition Assistance Program.

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